What is a Volunteer leader?

Our Volunteer Leaders are the ones who go into the community and build relationships with students. They are the ones who get to know kids and walk through life with them! Leaders do things like help run Club, have their own Campaigners group, and find time to just hang out with students. Leaders also have the privilege of taking students to CAMP in the summer!!! Being a Young Life Leader is an extremely rewarding experience, and we are always looking for people who are interested in serving in this way!

what is the young life committee?

Our Young Life Committee is a group of adults in the community that love Jesus and love kids! They meet monthly to plan, encourage one another and support the ministry behind the scenes. Together, we plan fundraisers, help spread the word about Young Life in the community, and support our Volunteer Leaders. Committee might just be the perfect way for someone to be involved if they are not sure how to help, and might not have the time to be a Volunteer Leader!

Who is involved?

Rob Fuller

Area Director

Kelli Fuller

Girls Young Life Leader

David Cudd

Guys Young Life Leader

Don Dalrymple

Committee Chair


Club is referred to as a "party with a purpose." It is a consistent event that includes many fun elements like games, raffles, music, skits, and more! Towards the end of club, students have an opportunity to hear one of their leaders talk to them about Jesus. Check out the Events page for details on when and where!


Campaigners is an opportunity for students and their leader to dive a little deeper into conversations about Jesus, the Bible, and their own personal faith. We hope for campaigners to be a time for students to ask their leader questions about the club talk, and get into Scripture together. We want to disciple students just as we ourselves are disciples of Jesus.

two ministries, one goal

Young Life is what we call our ministry for high school students. "But what about my middle schooler?", you may be asking! Well, the answer is WyldLife! It is all the fun and intentionality of Young Life, repackaged for our middle school friends!
For more information about WyldLife, please email us!

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